Amberjack Fishing Tips – How To Catch Amberjack

Amberjacks get their name from the amber colored strip usually present from the eye along the middle of their body. The greater amberjack is one of the giants of the jack family and may reach one hundred and seventy pounds, at a length of more than five feet. You will find amberjack around structure. They like to holdto hard bottom, humps, reefs, and wrecks. Offshore species are found typically in 60 – 240 feet of water.

Amberjack Fishing Tips

There are more tips and secrets to catching amberjack. Here is a collection of some of those amberjack fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our amberjack fishing tips.

  • Drifting and slow trolling live bait over and around obstructions (wrecks, reefs, gas platforms); casting and trolling artificial lures over and around high profile artificial reefs wrecks and obstructions.
  • Chum them up with small chunks of fresh menhaden.
  • When an amberjack takes the bait, count to 5 before setting the hook.
  • Commonly used baits are croaker, spot, gray trout, and pigfish.
  • When to water is murky fish on the bottom using 16-ounce sinkers, 40-pound test line, 12-15 feet of 60-pound mono leader and size 4/0 to 6/0 circle hooks.
  • You need to let them eat a little. When you feel a bite, don’t jerk right away. Let the fish take the bait until your rod tip almost touches the water. Then start winging.
Monster Amberjack Fishing Tips