Perch Fishing Tips – How To Catch Perch

Perch is a popular type of panfish. They spawn in the spring, and prefer cool water. During the spawn, perch can be found in the shallows, and in weed beds. Perch feed by sight and need light to locate prey. Learn to adjust and be flexible to different techniques, constantly vary the way in which the bait is presented until you catch perch. Perch are probably best known as an esteemed table fish. There are lots more tips and secrets to catching perch. 

Here is a collection of some of those perch fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our perch fishing tips.

  • Perch love underwater structures, tree roots, weed beds, bridge supports, etc., these are all good places to ambush anything edible sheltering there. Find the food source and you’ll find the perch eating the menu.
  • Minnows are the favorite bait while trolling or drift fishing with spinner rigs and three-way rigs using leadheads or other jigheads. Small minnows are also effective while still fishing in late autumn and winter.
  • Perch are notorious bait robbers, and a fast action rod tip is superior for detecting subtle bites.
  • Small lures are best because perch have relatively small mouths and show little interest in a lure that is too large.
  • Two effective and popular year-round live baits are small minnows and insect larvae.
  • A skirted leadhead, often called a mini-jig, is one of the most effective lures for perch.
  • Anchor and use two or three hooks attached to a perch rig or spreader and weighted with a sinker up to 1 ½ oz.  Baited with shiners or minnows and dropped to the bottom.