Redfish Fishing Tips – How To Catch Redfish

Depending on where you are from, you may hear this member of the drum family referred to as redfish, channel bass, red bass, spottail bass or red drum. They are bottom feeders that prefer mud and sand bottoms and eat a wide variety of small crustaceans and fish.

How To Catch Redfish

These fish school up in large numbers on the shallow flats and around oyster bars. Red drum can be caught on artificial baits and live baits. Artificial baits include gold spoons, jigs and top water plugs. As for live bait, shrimp, pinfish and greenbacks work best.

There are more tips and secrets to catching redfish. Here is a collection of some of those redfish fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our redfish fishing tips.

  • Red Drum or redfish like to search for food just inside the breakers on the surf and congregate around piers and docks.
  • Redfish are very wary and will spook very easily. This is especially true in shallow or very clear water. Approach quietly taking extra care not to make any unnecessary noises.
  • The bulk of small marine life and food will be found in shallow water around structures and near grassy cover. This offers the small fish, crustaceans and mollusks protection from predators. Therefore, Redfish will be found near this abundant food supply.
  • Redfish love gold colored spoons. Fish them slow and just enough to keep them off the bottom. On shallow flats, you can cast in front of a redfish and just twitch it a little to get a strike.
  • Shrimp, pinfish, small crabs, finger mullet, and cut baits are excellent for catching Redfish. They can be fished under a float or free-lined into currents past structures or grass flats where the fish are.
  • Cut or live mullet works well along with live crabs, a favorite of reds.
  • Channels and deeper areas are good places to find Redfish on an outgoing tide. Work these locations for some terrific action.
  • A blue crab on a jig is great for redfish. If you cast it into where the redfish are, the crab will stay where you cast it until the redfish gets the scent.
  • Redfish like to congregate around oyster bars and mouths of creeks that have good tidal movement. Redfish are very spooky a stealth approach is highly recommended.
  • Drums are bottom feeders so weight your lines to get the bigger fish.