Wahoo Fishing Tips – How To Catch Wahoo

Known for its long hard runs at speeds up to 50 mph, the wahoo will often change directions and charge the boat in an attempt to lose the hook. Wahoo is the fastest, largest and meanest of the mackerel family. Wahoo are easily recognized by their long slender body with gorgeous blue vertical stripes. 

How To Catch Wahoo

Wahoo is a very good tasting fish. If you are looking to fish for wahoo than find the clean water around structure and you’ll find your Wahoo.

There are more tips and secrets to catching wahoo. Here is a collection of some of those wahoo fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our wahoo fishing tips. If you have a wahoo fishing tip you would like to share please email it to wahoo@gofishingtips.com

  • High speed trolling remains one of the most productive techniques. The use of wire-line or high speed planers allows one to present the baits below the surface where the tiger-like wahoo lurk.
  • Learning the tides per your fishing structure allows you to narrow down “the bite” within a couple of hours.
  • Wahoo love to school up around structure. Good places to target Wahoo are around weed lines, ledges, shelves, wrecks, upwellings, rigs, and reef lines.
  • Create a book and log all your findings per wahoo catch. Log the structure, location of catch, the time of tide and the moon phase. After a short time, you will have a wealth of data and an understanding on how to target the Wahoo.